Metallic Flexible Hoses
Marine Flexible hoses are flexible hoses which are used in various industries. They are mainly used in industries that need the transmission of fluids and gasses (which cannot be done via pipes) Using these hoses is inevitable for industries such as Gas and petrochemical industries, power plants, melting and production of metals, wood and paper products, cement factories, production of sugar and construction industries.
The metal used in Marine Flexible hoses is usually stainless steel. The usage of these hoses in inevitable when:
1. Using rigid pipes is impossible
2. Controlling the expansion and contraction of the pine line is impossible.
3. Prevention of the vibration transfer between devices is required.
4. Connections must be connected and disconnected regularly.
5. Protection against the pressure thrust is required.
6. There exists seismic movement effects.

Technical Specifications: The first Iranian metal hose producer, Iran Industrial Vibrations Co which can supply the country’s needs of this hose between the diameters of ¼” to 20” in various pressures and temperatures. These hoses can be used to transfer acids and alkalis, oil and gas (and all their subcategories), vapor and other fluids.

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