Iran Industrial Vibrations Sports Club and Cultural Center

The directors of the company value sports and athleticism to a very high extent. Thus, there is a well equipped gym in the main office in order to encourage the employees to participate.
Iran Industrial Vibrations Sports club commenced its athletic activity in 2010 and it has achieved the following up-to-date:
• Participating in the National Volleyball Super league twice
• Participating in the national and international beach volleyball competitions thrice and coming second in Thailand’s international competitions
• Coming second in the national Alpine Ski competitions
• Winning the first prize of Grass Skiing competitions
• The return to the Volleyball Super league in 2014

Iran Industrial Vibrations Co is the main sponsor for the Junior National Volleyball team; therefore, this team will participate in the 28th Super League under the name of Iran Industrial Vibrations Team.

Formerly, the volleyball team was led and coached by Mr. Hossein Ma’adani (RIP) who was the coach and volleyball player on Iran’s National Volleyball team. Mr. Ma’adani was a close friend to Mr. Shahidian Akbar, owner and chairman of Iran Industrial Vibrations Co.

The Junior National team competed in the Asian competitions without losing a single set. Now, our aim is to win the World Championships of 2015. Thus, the team will participate in Iran’s Super League as Iran Industrial Vibrations Team as practice.

In addition to the athletic activities, we have always been supportive of the film industry. Directors are free to use the land area and the company along with sponsoring for their movies and TV Shows.
Iran Industrial Vibrations Co. is always encouraging and expanding these activities.