Iran Industrial Vibrations Co. is one of the pioneers in Iran’s Industrial Fields. This company has been active in this industry for over 40 years and it has also been the manufacturer of Rubber Expansion Joints, Fabrics Expansion Joints, Metal Hoses and Non-Metal Hoses for the past 20 years. The company has a staff of 200 employees, 170 of them work at the production department in the factory and the rest who work at the main office and abroad. This company offers the most meticulous and highest quality service by employing experts in each field, utilizing the most modern technology and machinery in order to produce a wide variety of expansion joints meeting the international standards and designs along with competitive prices.
Iran Industrial Vibrations Co. has various international Standard Certificates in addition to Iran’s Standard Certificate for the production of Rubber Expansion Joints. The company has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certificates and ISO 14001 Environment Management Standard Certificates for over 15 years.
The following items are a basic summary of the history of our success:

1970: The Company Debut in the rubber joint industry
1990: The production of simple and ridged tapes
1992: The production of Rubber Expansion joints under the brand name of “Erteashat”
1994: Production of Flexible joints under the brand name of “Tanesh”
1997: Establishment of the factory in Abbas Abad Industrial Zone on the area of 4000 sqm
1998: Obtaining the Iran Standard certificate in the production of Rubber Expansion Joints
1998: Obtaining the Quality Management Certificate
1999: Production of the first and biggest Rectangular expansion joint (size: 4m*8m) and Round Expansion Joints (Diameter: 5.5m)
1999: Obtaining the Environment Management Certificate
2000: Beginning of collaboration with Danish Company Bording Bellows As, in the sector of Fabric Expansion Joint design and Production
2000: Increasing Land area of the factory to create new production area
2000: Establishing Dynamic Industrial Trading Co. in UAE and the debut of Export
2001: Addition of 4000 sqm to the production area as roofless warehouses
2003: Debut of the production of Stainless Steel hoses (The only Producer in Iran)
2005: Production of One of the world’s largest rubber expansion joints (Diameter: 138”)
2007: Debut in the Stainless Steel sector projects 
2008: Purchasing Machinery for the Modular Production of Fabric Expansion joints and collaboration with Duroflex, an Austrian Company
2010: Purchasing a new land area of 4000sqm to add to the warehouses and production area (total land area of factory: 18000 sqm)
2011: Debut in the Hydraulic Hoses sector along with German machinery and testing equipment
2012: Debut of producing Construction Expansion Joints (Dampers) to increase construction strength and stability against natural disasters
2012: Establishing Shiran Pars Valve Production line under the name of ASA brand with Shiran Pars Company’s Assistance
2014: Debut of Plastic Injection Workshops