Rubber Expansion Joints
Description:  Dynamic equipment in pipe lines (such as pumps, turbines, compressors, fans, etc...) cause vibrations in the pipe line due to internal movement. These vibrations lead to the decrease of the part's lifetime and also create loud noises.
Application: Absorbing undesirable movements in pipe lines and ducts. One of the best ways to prevent the transmission of vibrations to other parts of the system is to use rubber expansion joints. Using these joints can absorb the vibrations in the pump areas and they can also omit the sudden discharge shocks. Another usage of these parts in acidic environment where metat expansion joints cannot be used. They are capable of working under a limited temperature and pressure. In some cases these joints are used to prevent electricity conductance.
The following items are the application of Rubber Expansion Joints:
• Chemical Industry
• Marine Industry
• Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industries
• Food Industry
• Steel Industry
• Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
Types of Rubber Expansion Joints manufactured in Iran Industrial Vibrations Co.
Small Size Expansion Joints: These joints are between the sizes of 1 1/4” to 12” and their brand name is ASA & BL-72. These parts are made by rubber and metal bladders. They are heated in Electric Heaters.
Large Size Expansion Joints: These joints are known as autoclave joints and they are between the sizes of 1 ¼” and 140”. In the manufacturing process of these joints, metal inner bladders are used and the heating process in done in autoclave boilers.

Rubber Expansion Joint Benefits
• Standing more cycles at maximum rated temperature and pressure
• Resistant to stress corrosion and external damages
• Resistant to Vibration and destruction
• Flexible when deformed and reversible
• Resistant to electric shocks
• Flexible to shocks and blows
• Movable and flexible in small areas
• Capable of performing axial and lateral movements
• No need to use internal guides in Filled Arcs Joints
• Absorption of Noise
• No need for gaskets and washers
• Decrease in Heat exhaust
• Easy change of form and reduction in pressure to devices
Light and easy to install and replace
Technical Specifications: Rubber expansion joints are produced in different types of materials (& compounds) for varieties of temperature and pressure. Relevant specification has been described in catalogues in detail.

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